Bruce S. Jansson MSW Award – $500

 Katharine V. Byers BSW Award – $500

Deadline: April 13, 2018

 Who is eligible? Full-time or part-time BSW and MSW social work students, and full-time and adjunct faculty in accredited or in-candidacy social work education programs in the United States.

For Students

Awards:  A total of 2 awards will be made to students (as individuals or collaborative groups): one at the BSW level and one at the MSW level. Cash awards will be given to each of the two winners.  Group winners will share the award.

What to submit:  Describe in a two-page, 12pt. font, double-spaced Word document a project in which you advocated for or attempted to influence a local, state, or national social policy or a piece of state or federal legislation. Include (1) the purpose of the project; (2) the expected outcomes of your efforts; (3) the estimated number of persons who could be affected by your project; and (4) what you learned about policy-making. Examples of such a project might include, but are not limited to: organizing clients to present testimony at public hearings; lobbying state agencies as a member of coalition; conducting a survey of legislators’ viewpoints on an issue; getting a bill introduced by a legislator; planning a rally day; giving testimony before a subcommittee; designing and carrying out a research study on policy, etc. Ask a faculty member for help or clarification about your idea for a project. Check out past winning submissions.

For Faculty

Awards:  Two cash awards will be made to faculty who mentor the winning student projects: one at the BSW level ($250) and one at the MSW level ($250).  To be eligible, the faculty member’s name must be listed on the electronic entry form. Faculty may assist the student(s) without restriction.

For Everyone

Where to submit entries:  Please submit all BSW and MSW entries electronically.

Deadline:  All entries must be received no later than midnight, April 13, 2018. No entries received after this date will be reviewed.

Judges:  A committee of social work faculty selected by ISP will review all entries and select the winners.  Their decisions will be final.

When and where will awards be made?  An awards ceremony will take place during Policy Conference 2.0 in St. Louis, May 31-June 2, 2018. ISP will provide free conference registration for up to two students and one faculty member per award, but unfortunately cannot cover the costs of travel or lodging. All winning entries will also be featured on the ISP website!