ISP offered its first webinar in July 2019 entitled The Graceful Revolution. Dr. Melissa Bird presented an introduction to a process she created through her 20+ years of social justice and advocacy work, provided a tool kit customized to each community, innovative skills to get participants marching and inspired, a plan to build an individual soapbox, and access to local experts who can help each mission. View Dr. Bird’s website for more information.

ISP’s second webinar in November 2019 entitled The U.S. Census: high stakes, current issues and ways social work can support a complete count. Presenters included Mary Hylton, Tanya Rhodes Smith, and national experts including a representative from the U.S. Census leadership team. Topics included an overview of the issues, the 2020 timeline, helpful resources for students and organizations, and ways the profession can Get Out the Count. View the presentation.

The third webinar in the series entitled Race, Racism and Policy in the Trump Era was held in February 2020.  Presenters Dr. Greenfield and Prof. Arnold-Renicker from the University of Denver focused on teaching policy courses where faculty and students discuss current policies, including Trump administration and Congressional initiatives, within the historical and contemporary context of institutionalized racism. Dr. Greenfield and Prof. Arnold-Renicker also addressed specific policy examples and strategies for engaging in nuanced conversations about racism and policy in the classroom and beyond. View the presentation.

In Impacting the Election of 2020: How Social Workers Can Build Election Turnout, Professor Mimi Abramovitz, co-leader of the National Voter Mobilization Campaign, makes a case for why it is essential for social workers to become involved in voter engagement. Given our position between the individual and society, social workers are uniquely positioned to register the people they serve and get out the vote. See Voting Is Social Work for useful resources. View a recording of this webinar and download the PowerPoint slides.

The March interactive webinar and call to action, Voting in America: How barriers to voting suppress turnout, power, and outcomes, was held to mark Social Work Month 2020. Gena Gunn McClendon, Suzanne Pritzker and Tanya Rhodes Smith discussed voting justice and how barriers to voting in low-income and marginalized communities suppress voter turnout, limit political power and shape outcomes. Webinar attendees learned more about the current research and concrete ways for the profession and schools of social work to support individuals and communities in exercising the right to vote. Play the recording to view a portion of the webinar.

ISP and the National Association of Social Workers presented a webinar entitled The Art of Policy Practice: Navigating the Legislative Process on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Moderated by Charles E. Lewis, Jr., the presenters included Nancy Kay Blackwell, Sarah Christa Butts, and Michael Sherraden.  View the presentation.

2021 Webinars

Felony Disenfranchisement: Social Work’s Call to Action (Video) (PowerPoint)